Drools Fubbles Shampoo Natural Healing 250ml

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Benefitsnatural anisepticmoisturizernatural healing & soothingActs as a natural antiseptic.Premium pet shampoo formulated with aloe vera that moisturizes…



natural aniseptic
natural healing & soothing
Acts as a natural antiseptic.
Premium pet shampoo formulated with aloe vera that moisturizes and hydrates coat in depth.
Recommended for pets suffering from skin irritation, insect bites, super?cial wound, rashes and eczema.

Gentle Bathing Tips

Rinse throughly with water
Brush your pet before bath. Shampoos is more effective when it lathers completely. A thorough rinse with water will help the lathering process.

Spread shampoo
Spread an adequate amount of shampoo on your palms. Apply it evenly through your dogs hair and rinse with water immediately.

Work your way
Once again apply the shampoo, form a good lather and massage your dogs skin for 8-10 minutes with your ?nger tips.

Rinse throughly
Squeeze and remove excess lather, before rinsing every strand of hair thoroughly If washing once is insuf?cient, wash again.

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