Pet care during PANDEMIC

Pet care during PANDEMIC

COVID PANDEMIC has taught us a number of lessons. We have learnt different ways and means to fight against this deadly virus. We came to know about NEO NORMAL and started getting accustomed to it. But have we thought of how our pets can sail through this turbulent time? of course pet lovers are quite concerned about how to protect their loved ones from this deadly pandemic and trying to find out suitable solutions to save their pets in this crisis situations. Whether COVID 19 can touch our pets or not is still a debatable issue but who does not know that prevention is better than cure has therefore come out with some basic health tips and protocols for pet lovers in general for keeping their pet safe and healthy during PANDEMIC. In fact these tips and protocols are not specific to COVID but for all major types of infections which the pets may be exposed to

  • Maintain social distancing norms for your pets also and Keep them away strictly from outsiders coming to the house
  • The Pets should have balanced diets during pandemic times. They should not be given excessive foods or supplement which many pet lovers feel necessary for increasing immunity level of pets. Overfeeding of pets during PANDEMIC times may create health disorder of them
  • The pets should be kept in clean environment and regular basis cleaning of them and their cages, utensils etc are required. In case the pets are required to be taken outside then they should be washed after coming from outside
  • The pets lover should wash their hands with soap/sanitizer before handling pets. If possible they should use gloves while handling the pets
  • In case the pet lover is COVID POSITIVE then he should keep himself isolated from his pet also like what he is doing for his family members
  • The pet trainers or handlers should not allowed during PANDEMIC situation
  • The pets should not be taken outside frequently and they should be kept at home as far as possible
  • There should be arrangement of indoor games for pets with required toys and accessories to keep them physically fit and mentally energetic during PANDEMIC
  • The pets should not be overstressed during PANDEMIC and pet lovers should also remain calm and quite in front of their pets as Fr as possible
  • Proper arrangement of medical consultation and treatment for pets also should be done during PANDEMIC


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